Saturday, 18 February 2017

A Brand New Start

18 February 2017


Wow it has been a while. I suddenly get the feeling to commence writing blog all over again since nobody reads blog these days because as we are all aware that most people are engaged to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. In fact, I sort of need to let out my feelings and my thoughts somewhere and I really think blog is the perfect answer. I don't expect people to read it anyway. I write it for own sake, my own self since I'm a type of person who amenable to keeping everything specifically the bad ones to myself. I knew it's extremely unhealthy and somehow that's why I gradually became depressed these past years. Living miles away from your family and closed friends made things a lot harder for me apart from the hellish gruelling and exasperating university life. Besides I yearn for enhancing my English skills because I love English and since last autumn I kinda engrossed in English novels. So hopefully by reading English books and writing a lot in English would help me in accomplishing one of my past new year's resolutions. 

If possible, I would try to find free time to write regularly.