Tuesday, 17 May 2011

MARA Scholarship: Spain

It's almost midnight and a friend of mine, Amin suddenly texted me asking if I got the Mara scholarship. I was instantly shocked because I was aware that Mara Scholarship result would be released that day but every time I opened the website, nothing related to the scholarship result was on it. I quickly went to Mara website. I entered my IC number and then clicked the Semak button. At that current moment, I was freaking out like hell. And then....

Tahniah Anda Berjaya

Tarikh Pendaftaran       : 17 JULAI 2011
Kursus                         : KEJURUTERAAN SEPANYOL
Program / Tempat        : A-LEVEL SPAIN / UNIKL MSI 

At the first time I saw the page, I was lost for awhile. I still could not believe what I read and what I saw. My hands were trembling frequently. To be frank, I was hoping that I could reserve a place at UK because it's always been my dream place but anyway, I was grateful. Spain is not bad after all, I think. 


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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

MARA Interview 2011

Frankly speaking the MARA interview was unpredictable. I really meant it.

I already did my research regarding MARA Interview from the previous years and what I could imagine was that the interview would be like just me and two interviewers and we sat face to face. There will be a question-answer process occurred. 

First and foremost, we were instructed to register ourselves by writing our name and IC number and also showed our printed interview form. Then, we were provided with a tag with a number. I got number 3. Next, one of the ladies gave a brief talk for awhile and asked us to sit based on our numbers. She also requested us to wear the tag and most importantly, not to bring anything included our certificates into the interview room.

There were 8 of us and we headed to the room. In the room, I saw a box with spaghetti, a thread and a pair of scissors on a table and we had been ordered to do a bridge based on the materials given.

We were given 30 minutes to build a bridge using only the materials provided and they told us to speak louder while we were doing our jobs. They wanted to see how we cooperated and communicated among us. Then the bridge will be tested by putting a canned sardine for a minute and eventually and thank goodness, we had a very firm solid bridge. It didn't collapse until the end of the interview session.

The recruiters congratulated us because we accomplished the task perfectly. The next thing they asked for us to do was to stand in a line. The women held a piece of paper and what I can see from the paper was, there were questions based on our number tag.

Since mine is number 3, as far as I could remember, my question sounded like this; 

"What are the new things you learn from this assessment ?"

After the lady finished asking questions until the last person, she told us that before we left the room, we must tidy up all the materials to its initial condition and the interview session was completely over. 

I never thought that this interview session would be as easy as pie. 


Alhamdulillah, I got the scholarship offer. Click here to read my post about it. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

UTP Interview 2011

During the interview day, I dressed nicely and wore one of my finest baju kurung. Then, I clutched my certificate folder and my bag and went straight away to the ground floor where the interview took place. Thank God I had a friend who also went for the interview. We took our sit first and chill out for awhile. There were many people came to interview.

First and foremost, we were instructed to register ourselves. We were given a name tag and we had to write our names on it. Then, we straight headed to a hall to listen to a brief talk for awhile. The talk was given by Dr Shark, a civil engineer. He was super funny and the brief talk was not boring at all. I really enjoyed it and gained a lot of information about UTP.

After the brief talk was completely over, the person in charge told us that the interview session will be started based on our alphabet names. He instructed the applicants named from A until D, stayed at the hall while the rest, wait outside till their turns came. Thank Lord, my name started with A, so I didn't have to wait. After that, we were ordered to divide to 5 groups which consisted of 5 persons. So, I just took my random sit and surprisingly I was in Group 1 which will be the first group to be interviewed.

During the interview session, we had to sit separately from our group members and no discussion was allowed. We were given papers and the papers was about Education Policy, its problems and its recommendations. We were asked to elaborate the facts provided. Then, we had to present all of our elaborations in our group in front of the recruiters but before that, we had to introduce ourselves to the recruiters and then, the discussion started. 

To be honest, I had no idea what the education policy about. I just randomly wrote what came across in my mind. Our interview session approximately took 45 minutes. During the interview, my voice was the loudest among the others however I was the one who talk nonsense too much haha. But remember that confidence is essential.

I don't give a damn if I failed to get a place in UTP because I went to this interview for the sake of the experience so that I wouldn't feel so nervous with my MARA Interview for the next day.